Benefits Skills


By attending this summer programme, learners will develop the vital skills valued by world-class universities and employers, such as critical thinking, problem solving, independent study, communication, leadership, teamwork, creativity and academic English.

The programme will increase their chance of applying successfully to a top university in any country, by providing:

  • A safe and secure experience of student life at one of the highest-ranking global universities.
  • Inspirational teaching by university lecturers and professional course tutors.
  • Personal mentoring and small classes with current Cambridge Undergraduates.
  • Advice about what top world universities look for in successful applicants.
  • Help with personal statements, admissions tests and interviews (15-18 years only).
  • A recognised award in Sports Leadership, which students can include in their personal statements.
  • Extension of subject knowledge, enabling students to explore topics in interviews.

For schools, this course will potentially improve educational outcomes, enhance their reputation and attract more international pupils. For parents, this is an opportunity to help their children excel in their future academic studies and career. For teachers, it is an opportunity to accompany students to the UK, observe lessons being taught and learn about UK teaching methods.