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"There are very high student satisfaction levels within an enjoyable learning experience and beneficial skills development." Inspector
"All the staff are passionate about carrying out their responsibilities to the highest possible standards." Inspector
"Staff know the participants very well and are able to support them on an individual basis." Inspector
"Trainers have very good pedagogic and communication skills and are able to deliver course content very effectively." Inspector
"The mix of international and British participants is particularly valuable." Inspector
"After this unforgettable course, I truly believe I can achieve my goals in future." Chinese Student
"It was a great experience. I learnt so many new things, I had so much fun and I found it really helpful." Greek Student
"Cambridge Dream combines preparation for university applications with inspiring workshops." US Student
"The sessions on personal development and personal statement writing really helped me confirm what I am interested in." UAE Student
"Cambridge Dream helped me gain confidence in my abilities and inspired me." UK Student
"Cambridge Dream is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." Jordanian Student
"It’s inspiring and amazing. It’s everything you want from a programme." Indian Student
"Every day was different and exciting!" UK Student
"I loved the economics supervision and my student mentor was very informative, helpful and approachable." Kazakh Student
"By attending this programme, I’ve understood how to use different thinking skills and perspectives to solve problems." Swiss Student
"I am astounded and eternally grateful for the difference you and your colleagues have made to my daughter's life and inspired her to achieve." UK Parent
"Something happened more than anything can really explain. My son has become more focused since the programme." Nigerian Parent
"It was wonderful to see my son come home bursting with excitement. He is a lot more confident and knowledgeable about applying to university." UK Parent
"My daughter liked everything: the programme, accommodation, fellow students and teachers." Ukraine Parent
"We are so surprised and touched by the changes we have seen in our son, thanks to The Cambridge Dream." Chinese Parent
"Your teachers have a special and unique way of making classes interesting and lively." Singapore Teacher
"Our students developed impressive leadership, critical thinking and creative skills...and a passion for learning." Chinese Teacher

Average Student Satisfaction Score* 9.45 out of 10

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