Our Aims

Our aims are to give learners an authentic experience of student life at a top university and to equip them with the knowledge, confidence and capabilities they need to realise their academic and career aspirations in any country.

We do this by providing summer programmes based in a Cambridge college which enable our participants to:

  • Understand the top world universities’ application processes and selection criteria.
  • Enhance their skills for leadership, learning and life, which are valued by top universities and employers.
  • Extend their subject knowledge beyond the school curriculum and develop a passion for learning.
  • Increase their confidence and self-awareness.
  • Prepare an ongoing ‘personal development plan’ (15-18 years only) which clarifies their goals and builds on their strengths.

As a result of attending our programmes, students will develop strengths in all the following areas:

  • Confidence in dealing with new people and situations.
  • Effective speaking, listening, reading and writing, in an academic context.
  • Responsibility for their own learning and time management.
  • Ability to lead teams and delegate tasks.
  • Accurate note-taking, independent research and analysis.
  • Thinking creatively and reflectively.
  • Drawing logical conclusions and making sound decisions.
  • Presenting persuasive arguments and convincingly supporting their beliefs.
  • Giving and receiving feedback constructively.