I was privileged to be accepted on the Cambridge Dream programme and found it to be a life changing experience. Cambridge Dream helped me gain confidence in my abilities and inspired me. I feel that the Summer School was fundamentally important to my personal and intellectual progress in year 10.

I loved the economics supervision and my student mentor was very informative, helpful and approachable. We learnt about causation and correlation and got a deep insight into the course and what it is like to study at Cambridge. They also gave me tips and advice on choosing a university and how to apply. I learned a lot of useful information about writing a personal statement, organising my time and preparing my pathway into university.

In my mathematics supervision, I learned about graph theory which I found challenging but enjoyable. The teacher explained everything well and developed ideas in a very interactive and interesting way. I also really enjoyed the debate, gaining new international perspectives and interacting in teams. Being with students from other countries made the course even more special.

Cambridge Dream is definitely a place to have new experiences above everything else, exploring career options, meeting new people, doing new activities. I spoke to so many student mentors and all the subjects seem amazing and they talk about them with so much passion.

It’s an insightful place, it’s inspiring and amazing. It’s everything you want from a programme.

I have learned how to build my profile for university applications.

Cambridge Dream has opened my eyes to many different fields for me to take into consideration for the future. Cambridge Dream is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The student mentors’ patience and kindness impressed me a lot and I will remember them all my life. After this unforgettable course, I feel more confident and I truly believe I can achieve my goals in future.

The information about universities and subject choices has been really useful. I have gained an insight into what I want to do in the future and I have decided to study International Relations at university.

The student mentors and teachers were brilliant, all of them. I loved talking with them and learned so much! They were so patient and always provided useful advice and encouragement which really gave us confidence, especially for the interviews and group discussions. I do not think anything about the course could be better!

I have learned to write a well structured personal statement which is crucial for applying to universities in the UK, as well as for certain jobs. I have also learned how to present and promote an imaginative but realistic business idea.

Thank you so much for a giving me a brilliant experience at Cambridge Dream! I thoroughly enjoyed it and made new friends. It has strongly enriched my outlook on how hard I need to work in school to be able to get into a good university. I have learnt new things about marine biology; archaeology; lateral and visual thinking; psychology and medicine (my supervision) and the works of William Shakespeare.

This course was a wonderful experience for me. The practice interview, business challenge, robotics workshop and MUN debate all built my confidence. Furthermore, the professional knowledge I gained about Economics and Programming will help me in my studies. When I return to school next term I’m going to organise some after-school activities and charity events.

I loved the archeology lecture and I was amazed to get such a close look at Girton’s own Egyptian mummy. This course made me feel like I was a real University Student.

I’ve learned to take more opportunities to present my ideas in front of my classmates and to be more calm and confident. These are things which I am not taught in my own school.

The supervision was great. I really enjoyed exploring and discussing a topic with other students in a small group. What I have learned from the student mentors is to say my ideas out loud and not be shy.

While I was in Girton, I got the opportunity to listen to a lecture by Dr Helen Scales about marine biology and conservation, which was enlightening and has inspired me to help protect marine life. When I return to my school I am going to join the Student Council and apply for a position of responsibility.

I have learned how to confidently express my own opinion.

By attending this programme, I’ve understood how to use different thinking skills and perspectives to solve problems. When I go home I’m going to be more organised and work together in a team as much as possible.

The sessions on personal development and personal statement writing have really helped me confirm what I am interested in and given me a clearer understanding of university admissions requirements.

I really enjoyed the philosophy supervision and learning to discuss both sides of the argument.

I have learned how to manage my time better and stop procrastinating.

The 3D printing was really cool and the ceilidh was the best fun!

The student mentors have been really helpful and entertaining, definitely a good blend of work and games. They have taught me so many things about British culture and have opened my eyes to how another country works differently but still has strong similarities with my homeland.

Every day was different and exciting! I learned how to code and how to prepare for an interview and I played Bottom in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Brilliant!

As a girl I never played football in my country, but in Girton I really enjoyed kicking the ball around and playing in a team.

I loved my big bedroom and the beautiful views of the gardens and trees outside, with the squirrels and the college cat. It was great to be able to have lessons outside in this beautiful place.

I have learned how to teach a sport to other young people.

The Sports Leadership instructor was full of energy. The lessons were well organised and he gave clear explanations.

I liked playing sports in the evenings very much. It was good to have lots of exercise and fresh air. It was all so different from my country and I learned a lot of interesting sports I’ve never played before, like rugby and croquet.

The Smart Inventions workshop stimulated my imagination and I really enjoyed the Robotics Team Challenge because it improved my creative thinking.

The highlights for me were the robotics workshop, raspberry pi, mind mapping, Shakespeare play, dancing, British board games, the social etiquette role play and sports.

While I’ve been in Cambridge, I’ve made a detailed plan for myself with clear goals which I’m going to carry through confidently whatever happens.

I really got a good experience of the life of students in a top UK University. When I return to school I will take part more actively, make contributions to my class and read more books to enrich my knowledge.

It was a great experience. I learnt so many new things, I had so much fun and I found it really helpful.

For the first time I am happy to speak to people I have never met before.