It was wonderful to see my son come home bursting with excitement, desperate to tell me about things he had learned. He is a lot more confident and knowledgeable about applying to university.

The Cambridge Dream Programme truly says it’s all. It was a Dream come true for us as a family. Our son had the best days of his life. He learnt new concepts and loved the challenges of solving problems. So much that he didn’t have the time to call us and was just living, loving, learning, solving, engrossed in walking the path of knowledge.

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her time with you and her mentors at Girton and I am astounded and eternally grateful for the difference you and your colleagues have made to her life and inspired her to achieve.

Something happened more than anything can really explain. My son has become more focused since the programme.

While our son was in Cambridge we lived at the same sunrise and sunset as Greenwich Time. When he first arrived at Girton College, he sat at the back of the classroom silently and observed the atmosphere carefully. But after a while he started to discuss questions with the teacher and was part of a team with two students from Russia and Italy who became good friends. Remember the video during the workshop, where he stood in front of the class, talking in fluent English. . . . . . cool and confident! We are so surprised and touched by the changes we have seen in our son, thanks to “The Cambridge Dream”.

The course is not long, the impact is so far-reaching. I believe this wonderful experience has exerted a positive influence on my child’s future. Learning beyond the classroom makes every stage of life brilliant!

I can honestly say that being around people with life, intelligence, ambition and passion for what they do has changed my son’s world immeasurably.

I am extremely satisfied about the experience my children had, and be sure that we will play an ambassador role for your program in our country.

Cambridge Dream’s Summer School Programme sets itself apart from conventional summer camps in so many different aspects. The whole range of activities, including doing team sports on the green playing fields, listening to the archaeology lecture in Stanley Library, experiencing 3D printing technology, as well as programming robots, debating in the MUN, taking a punting tour on the river Cam, dancing in a ceilidh with other teachers and students, eating breakfast in the dining hall like in a Harry Potter movie. I can feel that every single day of my daughter’s time in the noble, elegant Girton College was rich and meaningful.

My daughter liked everything: the programme, accommodation, fellow students and teachers. The programme is very interesting and the level of students is much higher than in the usual summer camps (important!). On return to her school in September she will share her experience with her classmates.