I was very impressed by the programme. It’s a very stimulating enrichment experience. I particularly liked the early focus on students paying attention to their interests and how these tie in to writing personal statements – not as a tick box exercise, but as a genuinely insightful reflection on their personal development and direction in life. Our Principal very much wants ‘more of the same’ next year!

It was very illuminating to see at first hand how the local students and the students from abroad had gelled together during their time at Girton and to sit in on their sessions. From what I saw I am sure that many of them are going to return home with greater confidence, self belief and maturity than when they first came to you. They certainly appeared to be having a great time.

The past three weeks were amazing due to you and your team’s hard working and thoughtful preparation. We really appreciated all the consideration you’ve given to our students. The most significant thing is all of the students could benefit from the programme and help them in the future university preparation greatly. We do have the confidence that more students will come and join us in the coming future!

The experience of the Cambridge Dream summer course has made a really deep impression on us. Thank you for your great team’s efforts. Everyone has been so friendly, patient and professional.

A massive thank you to all the Cambridge Dream staff for your encouragement, commitment and responsiveness to our needs and for always offering your help. The teachers were well organised and encouraged a lot of discussion and interaction. You have been so supportive, helpful, friendly, responsible and patient at all times! It has been a wonderful experience and I’ll recommend you to others!

My student has definitely matured since the programme. His parents have called me several times to express their immense praise. Thank you to you and the entire team.

Our students understood and developed impressive leadership, critical thinking and creative skills. More than this, with your encouragement and the help of the student mentors, they gained self-confidence and a passion for learning.

We noticed that you paid great attention to all the details, such as the welfare and safety of students, teaching, food, transport and accommodation, to ensure the highest quality.

Thank you for organising this excellent programme! It’s fantastic to see how our students enjoyed this programme and made so much progress. Their parents are glued every day to the updates to share their children’s joy.

Your teachers have a special and unique way of making classes interesting and lively.

We are so happy to have had the chance to come to Girton College and gain a real understanding of Cambridge and the British people’s way of life. All the children and the teachers enjoyed their stay here. Thank you for all your kindness and thoughtfulness.

The Group Leader Handbook and Participant Handbook which you provided before we arrived were very helpful. Frequent and fast communication through emails was also very effective.

We have enjoyed all the evening activities and entertainments, especially the ceilidh and social etiquette.

I’m delighted to report that we received very positive feedback from the parents. This was especially valued as the students had attended other centres before and they gave the nicest comments about their experience with Cambridge Dream. Thank you very much for your collaboration and we hope it will successfully grow in the future!

We enjoyed our stay very much and I know it’s thanks to your great effort, hard work and excellent organisation.

Many thanks for looking after our students so well. We feel we can really work with you and we’re looking forward to discussing future areas for collaboration.