I’ve worked for Cambridge Dream for four successive years, both as a Student Mentor and a Programme Assistant. Every day at Cambridge Dream is unique and jam-packed with educationally enriching activities for the students. This means that, as a staff member, you get to enjoy supporting the students through a really dynamic and exciting timetable. It has been wonderful to see the students discover their hidden talents and trying new things – like coding with Raspberry Pi, or learning about a subject they don’t study at school, such as Philosophy, Archaeology, or Astronomy. I really appreciated that, as a member of the Cambridge Dream Team, I was responsible for leading activities and supervisions which played to my strengths. It’s so rewarding to be a part of a close-knit team who are all united in their aim to deliver a stimulating summer course and get the best out of their students. I would definitely encourage any current Cambridge students to apply to be a Student Mentor for the upcoming programme – it is a really fantastic way to spend your Summer!

Working at Cambridge Dream last summer was fantastic. As a mentor, I was able to experience a virtual reality workshop, visit the London Dungeons and judge a Model United Nations debate, all whilst working alongside interesting and passionate students from across the world. I learnt new techniques for teaching mixed ability groups, and encouraging the best from my students. I feel my students really grew in confidence during the course, which will stand them in better stead for university education. They definitely improved their ability to volunteer answers to questions they weren’t sure about, and challenge the ideas and opinions of their peers.

Working at Cambridge dream was great! It was an excellent opportunity to meet wonderful international students and fantastic Cambridge students as well as experience Cambridge in a way I never have before! Absolutely loved it! Cambridge dream taught me how to become a leader and make concrete plans: working with lots of young people forces you to take charge. It also helped my interpersonal skills as you bond with people you’ve literally never met before. I think the main thing the students gain is confidence as they become more sure of themselves and find their own identities away from home. I think many of them also made friends for life and really, what can be more valuable?

My time at Cambridge Dream was an incredible experience, as a mentor and a person. All the staff was unbelievably friendly and incredibly helpful, which made the work really enjoyable! The students who joined us were open-minded and curious, which made teaching my subject fun and easy! Working as a student mentor at Cambridge Dream allowed me to feel like I was helping young students understand more about British culture as well as university culture and enabled me to help them have a better idea of their intentions after school. It was a great experience and I look forward to helping more students!

I had an amazing time working at Cambridge Dream last year! The staff were supportive and the fellow mentors were great people to work with every day. It was a fantastic opportunity to engage with students from all across the world – my favourite sessions involved running a model UN debate and also teaching the students about sports leadership. The students were receptive and eager to learn about new subjects and university life in general, and were a pleasure to teach. The variety of the programme meant that the job was different everyday – something which I really enjoyed. As a mentor, the job is highly rewarding and I feel that I improved my communication and leadership skills greatly over the course of the programme.