Older students (15-18 years old) have a unique opportunity to attend an immersive course in a world-class university at a crucial stage in their education. They complete an exciting programme of workshops, lectures, projects, activities and visits, including supervisions (Oxbridge-style, subject-specific, small class discussions) and mentoring sessions with Cambridge Undergraduates. As they are typically already studying, or about to commence, A-levels (or equivalent), they focus on university selection and degree subject choices, as well as practical preparation activities, including personal statement writing, interview practice and personal development planning. They will be asked to write a short personal statement before they arrive (if they have not already done so) in order that they have a draft to work on during the course. See a sample 2-week timetable for 15-18 year olds.

Students who are not already taught in English will complete a short English placement test when they arrive to ensure they are assigned to the right level of class with other students of a similar age and English ability. The level and pace of teaching will be adapted to suit the students’ needs and one-to-one support will be given to students who are experiencing difficulties.

The Cambridge Dream programme provides vital mentoring and practical support to boost students’ skills and confidence at this crucial time in their academic lives.

Laura Davies, Managing Director Cambridge Dream