This is a prestigious course with a limited number of places. We will consider applicants, aged 13-18 years old, who are still in school at the time of applying.

Cambridge Dream is an academic programme, not a summer camp. We are looking for talented and hard-working students, who will be committed to meeting the challenges and getting the most from attending the programme.

During registration, applicants will be asked to choose a specialist subject. On arrival in Cambridge, they will be teamed with a Cambridge undergraduate studying this subject at degree level. In 2018, the undergraduates’ subjects included medicine, law, engineering, science, mathematics, economics, politics, social science, history, philosophy, geography, English and psychology.

Applicants must be able to follow lessons in English and actively participate in class discussions. Where a student is not taught in English or has no test score such as IELTS or TOEFL, we will accept confirmation by a teacher or counsellor that the student will be able to:

  • take part in conversations using everyday vocabulary (not technical)
  • understand most written text (not technical)
  • make notes and understand most of the general meaning of lectures and presentations.

As part of their application, every student will be asked to write a short personal essay (approximately 250 words about the student’s academic studies, extra-curricular activities and university aspirations).  Applicants aged 15-18 years old will be able to work on improving this draft during the course. Younger students (13-14 years old) will do other exciting activities instead. 

Students who are not taught in English will complete a short English placement test when they arrive. This will ensure they are assigned to the right level of class with other students of a similar age and English ability. The level and pace of teaching will be adapted to suit the students’ needs and one-to-one support will be given to students who are experiencing difficulties.


To apply for a place, either contact us through your school or email