Leadership Skills and STEAM* Programme in a Cambridge College

Younger students (13-14 years old) have a unique opportunity to attend an immersive course in a top world university at a relatively early stage in their university plans.

At registration, they choose a specialist subject and receive twice-weekly supervisions (Oxbridge-style discussion classes in small groups) led by Cambridge Undergraduates and Graduates. In addition to studies in their specialist subject, younger students (13-14 years old) work in mixed-nationality teams on exciting STEAM*-focused projects and workshops, including robotics, raspberry pi coding, 3D design and print, and group activities such as a Model United Nations debate and a Dragon’s Den business pitch, all of which are designed to help them develop key knowledge and skills for the future, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, creativity, cultural awareness and teamwork.

Like the older students, they have the opportunity to attend interactive lectures by Cambridge lecturers in other university-level subjects, which they may not be so familiar with, such as astronomy, archaeology, virtual reality, bio-medical research and marine biology.

In addition, the younger students’ timetables will include:

  • seminars in higher education and school subject choices
  • admissions talks
  • mentoring by Cambridge Undergraduates and Graduates.

See a sample 2-week timetable for 13-14 year olds.

Students who are not already taught in English will complete a short English placement test when they arrive to ensure they are assigned to the right level of class with other students of a similar age and English ability. The level and pace of teaching will be adapted to suit the students’ needs and one-to-one support will be given to students who are experiencing difficulties.

*Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths

At 13 or 14 years old, students can start building a strong foundation to prepare for university. By researching and planning their subject choices, developing effective study and communication skills, and seeking out relevant extra-curricular activities, they will significantly improve their capabilities and move more confidently towards their goals.

Laura Davies, Managing Director Cambridge Dream