Cambridge Dream Online

Our virtual summer courses have now ended. We look forward to again delivering our amazing immersive academic 2-week summer programmes in Cambridge University next summer.

In the meantime, the unique, life-changing Cambridge Dream experience does not stop here!

We continue to offer year-round online tailored support (in small groups or one-to-one), through webinars, video calls, personal consultations and email, to help you succeed on your pathway to a top university, either at Undergraduate or Masters level. Many of the students we have supported, online and face-to-face, have successfully completed undergraduate and graduate studies at top-ranking universities and have gone on to have high-flying careers in finance, academia, medicine, law, science, engineering, government, business, education, media, creative industries and many other fields. Feedback from students, parents, teachers and inspectors can be found here.

Range of Online Services

Our services encompass every aspect of the university preparation process, whether you are a young student starting out on your journey or you are in the final years of high school getting ready to submit your application. We offer a free initial consultation with parents and students to discuss your requirements for any of our online services, including:

  • Research essay projects in a choice of subjects, supported by expert Oxbridge tutors with Masters and PhD degrees
  • Individual student assessments with tailored recommendations for university application preparation planning
  • Coaching for applications to Oxbridge and other top competitive universities
  • Guidance about UK university selection and degree subject choices
  • Top tips on the admission process and how to prepare for each element of a successful application
  • Personal statement review, guidance and editing to highlight your strengths and help you present yourself in the best possible light
  • Interview practice and feedback relating to students’ chosen subject areas, including pre-interview guidance to help students prepare and tailored recommendations for improvement after each mock interview
  • Volunteering, work experience and profile building relating to students’ chosen subject areas
  • Interactive leadership workshops to develop 21st Century transferable skills, such as critical thinking, communication, independent study, creativity, teamwork, resilience, personal development planning and global awareness.

Participants are matched with tutors with experience of their desired subject area. As a result, they have the opportunity to ask questions, and explore ideas and options, which enables them to make informed decisions and prepares them for applying to university. Teaching staff are uniquely qualified to support the participants as they have the experience, not only of the subject but also of the university.

BAC Inspector

Personal Statements (for School Years 12 and 13)

We provide one-to-one support by experienced Oxbridge graduates with editing expertise to improve up to 3 drafts of your personal statement. We will start by asking you to complete an individual information form and provide a recent academic transcript. Drawing on this background information we will review your existing personal statement and make specific suggestions for improvements or offer expert guidance for writing a first draft if you have not already written this. All our comments and corrections are tracked to enable you to fully understand the proposed changes and to ‘own’ your work. You can decide which changes to accept or ask for further clarification if needed.

Our expert guidance includes:

  • Correcting spelling and grammatical errors, such as use of punctuation
  • Rewording sentences and improving the structure and flow of paragraphs
  • Ensuring a consistent, formal style of writing and improving vocabulary
  • Checking the content is concise, relevant and highlights your personal strengths, motivation and suitability
  • Recommending additional content that could be included.

We will also show you how to write a strong introduction and conclusion.

Research Essays (for School Years 8-13)

Undertaking a research essay project will benefit ambitious, hard-working students who are aspiring to progress to any top-ranking university in the UK or across the globe. We offer a wide choice of research essay projects, which are suitable for any age from 12 upwards. Specialist subjects to choose from include:

  • Business
  • Economics
  • Medicine
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Social Science
  • International Relations
  • English Literature
  • Law
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Artificial Intelligence.

More subjects can be offered to meet demand, so do let us know if your preferred subject is not on our list.

We will match you with an expert Oxbridge tutor in your chosen subject area, who will help you define an exciting research question which fits your interests, around which you can write your paper.

Projects can be completed over a period of 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 8 weeks, at dates and times to suit individual students, including evenings, weekends and holidays.

How it works

  1. Choose an academic subject and register for a project
  2. ‘Meet’ your tutor from Oxford or Cambridge University
  3. Define a research question with the help of your tutor
  4. Start your research, supported by your tutor
  5. Complete your research and write your essay in 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 8 weeks
  6. Essay length 2000 words (2 weeks), 4000 words (4 weeks) or 8,000 words (8 weeks)
  7. Sign-off and feedback
  8. Report and certificate

Learning Outcomes

Completing a research essay project provides students with many valuable benefits for their academic studies and university applications, including:

  • High-quality one-to-one subject teaching with an expert personal tutor from Oxford or Cambridge
  • Opportunities to find out more about potential degree subject choices
  • Enhanced knowledge of the chosen subject area beyond the examination syllabus
  • Invaluable experience for researching and writing a university-level dissertation or thesis
  • Development of skills in academic research, analysis, evaluation, critical thinking, referencing and essay-writing
  • Evidence of extended reading, supra-curricular work and independent study for university applications
  • Opportunities to explore specific topics of interest that are helpful for personal statements and interviews
  • A personal introduction to the Oxbridge style of teaching
  • A taste of the demands of studying for a degree at a top-ranking global university.

We are looking for all-round intellectual ability alongside academic curiosity and commitment.

Cambridge Admissions Tutor 

We’re very interested in thought processes, in candidates being able to explain why they think what they think. 

Oxford Admissions Tutor 

What is included in the research essay project:

  • At least 5 hours per week one-to-one contact time with the personal tutor on pre-arranged days
  • Introductory session on research, essay-writing, critical thinking and independent study skills
  • Initial one-to-one video calls with the personal tutor to explore and select the research topic
  • Three one-to-one online supervisions each week with the personal tutor to review and advance the project
  • Interim one-to-one emails to provide specific guidance as needed
  • Final feedback video call with the personal tutor
  • Personal report with assessment and recommendations written by the tutor
  • Certificate of completion signed by the Principal of Cambridge Dream
  • Annual award for the most outstanding research project in each age group (to be decided by an independent panel).


Fees for our bespoke online services range from £50 for weekly coaching to £350 for a full personal statement service. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss each student’s individual requirements and will quote an exact total fee in advance, based on the amount of expert time and input needed to achieve the student’s desired outcomes. Package discounts are available for multiple services purchased together.

For research projects the fees are:

£1600 for 2 weeks

£2800 for 4 weeks

£4200 for 8 weeks.

Free initial video consultation

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements for any of our online services and to arrange a free initial video consultation with Laura Davies.